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article R. Stong: “Unique­ness of \( \pi_1 \)-neg­li­gible em­bed­dings in 4-man­i­folds: A cor­rec­tion to The­or­em 10.5 of Freed­man and Quinn,” To­po­logy 32 : 4 (1993), pp. 677–​699. MR 1241868

article C. L. Curtis, M. H. Freed­man, W. C. Hsiang, and R. Stong: “A de­com­pos­i­tion the­or­em for \( h \)-cobord­ant smooth simply-con­nec­ted com­pact 4-man­i­folds,” In­vent. Math. 123 : 2 (1996), pp. 343–​348. MR 1374205 Zbl 0843.​57020