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Michael H. Freedman

High-dimensional topology

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article M. H. Freed­man, A. Kit­aev, and J. Lurie: “Dia­met­ers of ho­mo­gen­eous spaces,” Math. Res. Lett. 10 : 1 (2003), pp. 11–​20. MR 1960119 Zbl 1029.​22031 ArXiv quant-​ph/​0209113

article M. H. Freed­man, A. Kit­aev, C. Nayak, J. K. Slinger­land, K. Walk­er, and Z. Wang: “Uni­ver­sal man­i­fold pair­ings and pos­it­iv­ity,” Geom. To­pol. 9 (2005), pp. 2303–​2317. MR 2209373 Zbl 1129.​57035 ArXiv math/​0503054