Celebratio Mathematica

Vaughan F. R. Jones

On Jones’ connections between
subfactors, conformal field theory,
Thompson’s groups and knots

Works connected to Louis H. Kauffman

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V. F. R. Jones: “On the con­struc­tion of knots and links from Thompson’s groups,” pp. 43–​66 in Knots, low-di­men­sion­al to­po­logy and ap­plic­a­tions: Knots in Hel­las (Olympia, Greece, 17–23 Ju­ly 2016). Edi­ted by C. C. Adams, C. M. Gor­don, V. F. R. Jones, L. H. Kauff­man, S. Lam­bro­poulou, K. C. Mil­lett, J. H. Przytycki, R. Ricca, and R. Sazdan­ovic. Spring­er Pro­ceed­ings in Math­em­at­ics & Stat­ist­ics 284. Spring­er (Cham, Switzer­land), 2019. MR 3986040 Zbl 1423.​57013 ArXiv 1810.​06034 incollection