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S. MacLane: Abgekürzte Be­weise im Lo­gikkalkül [Ab­bre­vi­ated proofs in the lo­gic­al cal­cu­lus]. Ph.D. thesis, Georg-Au­gust-Uni­versität Göt­tin­gen (Göt­tin­gen), 1934. Ad­vised by P. Bernays and H. Weyl. An ab­stract was pub­lished (in Eng­lish) in Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 40:1 (1934). phdthesis

S. MacLane: “Book re­view: Grundla­gen der Math­em­atik, vol. I” [Book re­view: Found­a­tions of math­em­at­ics, vol. I], Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 41 : 3 (1935), pp. 162–​165. Book by D. Hil­bert and P. Bernays (Spring­er, 1934). MR 1563043 JFM 65.​0091.​03 article