Celebratio Mathematica

Marshall Harvey Stone


Holbrook Mann MacNeille :Extensions of partially ordered sets Harvard University, Ph.D. 1935
Joel Lee Brenner :The linear homogeneous group modulo $p$ Harvard University, Ph.D. 1936
John Wilson Calkin :Applications of the theory of Hilbert space to partial differential equations; the self-adjoint transformations in Hilbert space associated with a formal partial differential operator of the second order and elliptic type Harvard University, Ph.D. 1937
William Frederick Eberlein :Closure, convexity, and linearity in Banach spaces Harvard University, Ph.D. 1942
Edwin Hewitt :On a problem of set theoretic topology Harvard University, Ph.D. 1942
George Whitelaw Mackey :The subspaces of the conjugate of an abstract linear space Harvard University, Ph.D. 1942
Anne Frances O'Neill :Contributions to the theory of derivates Radcliffe College, Ph.D. 1942
Michael Joseph Norris :I: Topological spaces having the same regular open sets; II: A standard topological appraoch to some parts of the theory of Boolean maps Harvard University, Ph.D. 1944
Richard V. Kadison :A unified representation theory for topological algebra University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1950
John Vernor Finch :On Banach spaces with inner products University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1951
Jr. Matthew P. Gaffney :The harmonic operator for exterior differential forms University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1951
Bernard A. Galler :Some results in algebraic logic University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1955
John J. McKibben :Elementary solutions and divergent integrals University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1957
Royal Bruce Kellogg :Hyperbolic equations with multiple characteristics University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1958
Adam Korányi :Operator theoretic methods applied to interpolation problems for functions of several complex variables University of Chicago, Ph.D. 1959
Christopher Ian Byrnes :On the algebraic foundations of differential geometry University of Massachusetts, Amherst, Ph.D. 1975