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K. Uh­len­beck and S.-T. Yau: “On the ex­ist­ence of Her­mitian-Yang–Mills con­nec­tions in stable vec­tor bundles,” pp. S257–​S293 in Pro­ceed­ings of the Sym­posi­um on Fron­ti­ers of the Math­em­at­ic­al Sci­ences: 1985 (New York, Oc­to­ber 1985), published as Comm. Pure Ap­pl. Math. 39 : Supplement S1. Issue edi­ted by C. Mor­awetz. J. Wiley and Sons (New York), 1986. A note on this art­icle was pub­lished in Com­mun. Pure Ap­pl. Math. 42:5 (1989). MR 861491 Zbl 0615.​58045 incollection