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G. D. Daskalo­poulos and K. K. Uh­len­beck: “An ap­plic­a­tion of trans­vers­al­ity to the to­po­logy of the mod­uli space of stable bundles,” To­po­logy 34 : 1 (January 1995), pp. 203–​215. MR 1308496 Zbl 0835.​58005 article

G. Daskalo­poulos, K. Uh­len­beck, and R. Wentworth: “Mod­uli of ex­ten­sions of holo­morph­ic bundles on Kähler man­i­folds,” Comm. Anal. Geom. 3 : 3–​4 (1995), pp. 479–​522. MR 1371207 Zbl 0852.​58014 article