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P. T. Bate­man, B. A. Dat­skovsky, and M. I. Knopp: “Sums of squares and the pre­ser­va­tion of mod­u­lar­ity un­der con­gru­ence re­stric­tions,” pp. 59–​71 in Sym­bol­ic com­pu­ta­tion, num­ber the­ory, spe­cial func­tions, phys­ics and com­bin­at­or­ics (Gaines­ville, FL, 11–13 Novem­ber 1999). Edi­ted by F. G. Gar­van and M. E. H. Is­mail. De­vel­op­ments in Math­em­at­ics 4. Kluwer Aca­dem­ic (Dordrecht), 2001. MR 1880079 Zbl 1040.​11018 incollection