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P. T. Bate­man, G. B. Purdy, and S. S. Wag­staff, Jr.: “Some nu­mer­ic­al res­ults on Fekete poly­no­mi­als,” Math. Com­put. Simul. 29 : 129 (January 1975), pp. 7–​23. MR 0480293 Zbl 0301.​10036 article

P. T. Bate­man, J. L. Sel­fridge, and S. S. Wag­staff, Jr.: “The new Mersenne con­jec­ture,” Am. Math. Mon. 96 : 2 (February 1989), pp. 125–​128. This was part of the reg­u­lar AMM fea­ture “The Ed­it­or’s Corner”. MR 992073 Zbl 0694.​10005 article