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G. A. Bliss and M. R. Hestenes: “Suf­fi­cient con­di­tions for a prob­lem of May­er in the Cal­cu­lus of Vari­ations,” Trans. Amer. Math. Soc. 35 : 1 (1933), pp. 305–​326. MR 1501685 JFM 59.​0497.​02 Zbl 0006.​25903

Con­tri­bu­tions to the Cal­cu­lus of Vari­ations, 1938–41. Edi­ted by G. A. Bliss, M. R. Hestenes, and W. T. Re­id. Uni­versity of Chica­go Press, 1942.