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Gilbert Ames Bliss


Works connected to Isaac Jacob Schoenberg

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G. A. Bliss and I. J. Schoen­berg: “On sep­ar­a­tion, com­par­is­on and os­cil­la­tion the­or­ems for self-ad­joint sys­tems of lin­ear second or­der dif­fer­en­tial equa­tions,” Amer. J. Math. 53 : 4 (October 1931), pp. 781–​800. MR 1506854 JFM 57.​0528.​01 Zbl 0003.​25702

G. A. Bliss and I. J. Schoen­berg: “On the de­riv­a­tion of ne­ces­sary con­di­tions for the prob­lem of Bolza,” Bull. Amer. Math. Soc. 38 : 12 (1932), pp. 858–​864. MR 1562533 JFM 58.​0535.​01 Zbl 0006.​25902