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L. E. Dick­son: The ana­lyt­ic rep­res­ent­a­tion of sub­sti­tu­tions on a power of a prime num­ber of let­ters with a dis­cus­sion of the lin­ear group. Ph.D. thesis, Uni­versity of Chica­go, 1896. Ad­vised by E. H. Moore. See also art­icles in Ann. Math. 11:1–6 (1896–1897) and Ann. Math. 11:1–6 (1896–1897). MR 2936778 phdthesis

L. E. Dick­son: “Eliakim Hast­ings Moore,” Sci­ence 77 : 1986 (January 1933), pp. 79–​80. JFM 59.​0854.​08 article

G. A. Bliss and L. E. Dick­son: “Eliakim Hast­ings Moore: 1862–1932,” Bio­graph­ic­al Mem­oirs of the Na­tion­al Academy of Sci­ences 17 (1937), pp. 83–​102. article