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K. L. Chung and J. L. Doob: “Fields, op­tion­al­ity and meas­ur­ab­il­ity,” Amer. J. Math. 87 : 2 (April 1965), pp. 397–​424. MR 0214121 Zbl 0192.​24604 article

J. L. Doob: “Book re­view: K. L. Chung, ‘Markov pro­cesses with sta­tion­ary trans­ition prob­ab­il­it­ies’,” Bull. Am. Math. Soc. 76 : 4 (1970), pp. 688–​690. Book by Kai Lai Chung (Spring­er, 1967), ac­tu­al title be­ing “Markov chains with sta­tion­ary trans­ition prob­ab­il­it­ies”. MR 1566555 article