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W. W. Boone, W. Haken, and V. Poénaru: “On re­curs­ively un­solv­able prob­lems in to­po­logy and their clas­si­fic­a­tion,” pp. 37–​74 in Con­tri­bu­tions to math­em­at­ic­al lo­gic (Han­nov­er, Ger­many, Au­gust 1966). Edi­ted by H. A. Schmidt, K. Schütte, and H.-J. Thiele. Stud­ies in Lo­gic and the Found­a­tions of Math­em­at­ics 50. North-Hol­land (Am­s­ter­dam), 1968. MR 263090 Zbl 0246.​57015 incollection